About Iree's Kitchen

Iree's kitchen is a first class African food service provider located in Oakville Ontario.

Our goal is to remain relevant as a first-class Nigerian cuisine providers in a Western market space.

Iree's kitchen is a Nigerian family owned business. The word "iree" means "goodness" in our Yoruba dialect and is also included in the names of our 2 beautiful daughters.

We fondly call our family the "Iree family” and through cooking as well as our passion for community impact/ humanitarian services, we hope to be able to welcome you to the family too ❤️

We specialize in the preparing and delivery of mouth watering delicacies.

Our wide variety of dishes are mainly cultural, using authentic Nigerian ingredients to give you mouth watering goodness in every bite.

We offer curb-side pickup and delivery services to our local customers in Oakville and across the GTA.


  • Wale E
    Thank you so much. Been busy with school work. My son absolutely loves the food. He won't stop eating. I had to use my discretion to get him to stop. Lol. God bless you 🤗.
    Wale E
  • Adeyemo A
    Good evening. It was great and delicious no concern it was perfect. I was able to eat some of the fried rice today and it was excellent, so thank you for that. The food was superbly good. thank you.
    Adeyemo A
  • Bimbo C
    Oh no it was very good! We ate so well, we had to take a nap right after! Thank you again! My girlfriend loved the Jollof rice.
    Bimbo C
  • David D
    Hey omg the food made me pass out lol. The plantain, rice, and the sticky one I forgot what it's called. All was so good.
    David D
  • Faith A
    Thank you so much. The meal was excellent . I just hope I don’t finish all the stew in one day . 😀 Thanks for the moi moi samples. I was just recommending it for a friend in Calgary
    Faith A
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