Faith A

Thank you so much. The meal was excellent . I just hope I don’t finish all the stew in one day . 😀 Thanks for the moi moi samples. I was just recommending it for a friend in Calgary

David D

Hey omg the food made me pass out lol. The plantain, rice, and the sticky one I forgot what it's called. All was so good.

Bimbo C

Oh no it was very good! We ate so well, we had to take a nap right after! Thank you again! My girlfriend loved the Jollof rice.

Adeyemo A

Good evening. It was great and delicious no concern it was perfect. I was able to eat some of the fried rice today and it was excellent, so thank you for that. The food was superbly good. thank you.

Wale E

Thank you so much. Been busy with school work. My son absolutely loves the food. He won't stop eating. I had to use my discretion to get him to stop. Lol. God bless you 🤗.
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